U.S. Worldwide, Inc.

Our mission is to provide quality products to every child in need. We believe a bright, healthy smile is something that benefits both the wearer and the community at large.
It takes a team of dedicated employees who has passion to do the right thing and go extra mile to exceed the customer's expectations. We strive to have integrity in every phase of our business. 
Too often championships are won and the medals or championship rings are forgotten in a drawer - this shouldn't be. Champion Commemorative Sports was formed to help you celebrate those historic achievements. 

About Us

Family, Education and Integrity are what we strive for.

Meet our sourcing experts who can meet your business need with one hundred percent satisfaction.

Brand New World
Brand New World is honored to share with you our early childhood products which extend children's play and where lifelong learning begins.

A dream team to hand out dream future.

Learn more about our founder, Robert M. Foster.